Long Island Businesses For Reponsible Energy, Inc.

Press Release April 1, 2014,

East Hampton, NY  Helene Forst has spearheaded a new nonprofit corporation of business people called Long Island Businesses For Responsible Energy (LIBFRE). 

LIBFRE aims to ensure that the future of Long Island utilities focuses on a safe and responsible energy infrastructure. LIBFRE supports an energy upgrade that preserves our health, safety, environment, property values, historic sites, and scenic vistas.  

The company’s immediate goals are to:

·         Halt the six-mile East Hampton to Amagansett high-tension overhead transmission lines.

·        Remove all newly installed toxic Pentachlorophenol pressure treated wood utility poles.

·        Reroute transmission lines underground along major public corridors away from residential neighborhoods.

·        Create another alternative for back-up electricity while underground power line burial is being researched and conducted.

·        Shoulder the cost of burial, or a reasonable share of that cost, to be borne by the utility, and not its ratepayers.

LIBFRE has retained Irving Like, founding partner of Reilly, Like & Tenety as Legal Counsel. Like, referred to by Newsday as one of the  “100 Most Influential Long Islanders of the Twentieth Century, “ is pulling together a group of Expert Witnesses on the environment, health, safety and property values.

LIBFRE has opened a business account to start receiving funds in support of its goals.

The Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) has just written a letter to Ralph Suozzi, Chairman of  Long Island Power Authority, asking them to “stand down from the projects in East Hampton and Port Washington and allow each community and LIPA and PSEG, to take a moment and allow for a reasonable review, understanding that time is of the essence to get the projects finished.”  It is LIBI’s “firm belief that the option of underground power lines should be included within the permitting process for each and every power line upgrade or relocation across Long Island, and that each community must be given, up front, that option and the cost implications to the residents of each community at the beginning of the review process.”

LIBFRE has three Directors of the corporation, Helene Forst, Rebecca Singer and Michael Forst. Helene Forst is Chairperson of the group, Rebecca Singer is Co-Chair, Michael Forst is Treasurer, Ilissa Meyer heads up Social Media, Website and Technology. Amy Forst is Bookkeeper and Jack Forst heads up Fundraising.

For more information please contact Rebecca Singer, rebsinger@hotmail.com